During this epic 3 month program, you will

  • Get clarity on your love and dating patterns
  • Rewire your brain for epic relationships
  • Create a new ecosystem for love and dating based on self-worth
  • Express your most authentic self and attract people that are actually interested in you as you are

You’ll get from feeling frustrated and discouraged, thinking there are “no more good people available,” and taking every failure as a personal assessment of your worth to enjoy exciting dates and connecting with beautiful humans you are actually attracted to.

And you’ll get to have fun because nobody said you should suffer on your way to epic love and glorious relationships.

“I’ve been dating for a while and mostly met people I don’t want to commit to. I feel exhausted from the loss of time, energy, and money. I want to enjoy dating again and summon epic love into my life.”

Does any of this sounds familiar?

  • You don’t feel confident enough to flirt with someone you like.
  • You feel worn out by the endless stream of Peter pans in your Tinder’s match
  • You attract wonderful people, but it quickly gets boring
  • All your exes are super cool, but for some reason, the relationship did not last
  • You are putting all your energy on your partner’s satisfaction and not taking care of yourself.

Whether you’re looking for someone to start a family with or want to keep dating and live your best life as a singleton or a polyamourous unicorn, it’s up to you. I know what you absolutely don’t want is to feel like you’re losing your time on dates with people you are not interested in.

If you feel your dating history is getting too long and you’re getting bored, let’s change that together!

With 9 coaching sessions over 3 months, you’ll get the support you need to become a love magnet, bewitch high-quality partners, and enjoy your sex life more than you ever did.

What you will get :

  • 9 sessions of one-to-one coaching, 1 hour each
  • 3 coaching exercises and resources picked just for your unique needs
  • Custom practices to support your transformation in between sessions
  • Email support and accountability

Prices and payment options


Single payment option. Best price available.


3 months payment plan. The most popular.


5 months payment plan. The easiest.