Hi, I’m Marie-Anne !

I’m an artist, an activist, a sex-positive feminist, and my mission is to empower wonderful humans like you to magnetize the life and the partnership they want. I do that first by healing low self-esteem and unworthyness and then empowering your most glorious, shameless, and potent self.

I’m not joking! 

I’ve been using my own sexual energy to power my work, my art, and my business for years and to co-create conscious and respectful relationships.

It wasn’t always like that. A few years ago I was making more money than ever in my corporate job in Paris, getting less and less satisfaction from it all and investing all of my energy and passion in other projects. I was living a double life, so I decided to ditch it all and use my gifts to bring joy, enlightenment and ecstasy to people around me.

picture : Nathanael

What I do

I get my clients from an endless stream of disappointing relationships and self-doubt to attracting high-quality matches and feeling excited about dating again.
During one-on-one coaching sessions online or in-person, I help my clients address insecurities and unworthiness, understand their relationship blueprint, and change their love vibration, becoming a real-life love magnet.

How do I do it ?

I use powerful somatic tools to heal my client’s core wounds and teach them fantastic pleasure practices to attract authentic and lasting connections.

I empower you to design and take action steps that are respectful of your identity and values. I’ll never force one size fits all techniques on you.

I’m using classic coaching tools as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as meditation, breathwork, embodiment, and somatic work.

I studied Coaching and the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin and learned psychology and sexology in France.

What are my core values?

I believe that you are perfect and lovable just the way you are.
I believe loving yourself empowers you to choose the relationship of your dreams.

I believe integrating your childhood wound is key to finally attract people that will heal you instead of reactivating your pain.

I believe authenticity is vital to create lasting connections.
I believe that only you know what kind of relationship is aligned with your values and essence, and you should get to live it.

Why work with me ?

Because you want a coach who’s still in the game and loving it, and really at home with anything you can bring, whether it is in the shape of your relationship or your kinks and fantasies. I enjoy coaching monogamous and polyamorous people just as much and will never push my vision on you.

Because you don’t want the tired advice of a Pick Up Artist, you don’t want to focus only on the external (read: action) steps of dating, you understand that you have internal blocks to address first to have it all fall into place.

Because you want your exploration to be deep and transformative but also to be fun and playful.

Because your artistic soul wants a space that is both grounded and super flexible to hold you.

I really can’t wait to hear from you and co-create with you the path for you to transform.