Yay you made it !
Maybe it doesn’t feel like a lot but you just took a step to take care of yourself and I’m celebrating you BIG TIME!

This form will help you to get very clear on your coaching desire and help me to get a sense of what I can do for you.

Please spend a few minutes reflecting upon the below questions, and I’ll get in touch shortly <3

    Personal info


    What is your work ?

    Do you enjoy it ? why ?

    Personal Growth/Health

    What other modalities or practices have you interacted with to help you reach your goals?

    If you have undergone therapeutic treatment for any of the following: bi-polar/manic depression; post-traumatic stress; clinical depression; eating disorders; and/or suicide attempts, bring this up on our discovery call so we can determine together if coaching is a good fit for you at this time.

    Coaching Questions

    What are three things that you want to move through/release/transform in our time together.

    Do you have an intimate relationship (husband, wife, life partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)? If so, what is the quality of that relationship? What is great about it? What needs work?

    Can you share a few paragraphs of your sexual history that feel relevant to our work

    What are you afraid of about working together?

    What can I do that will make you feel safe and supported in our work together?

    Is there anything else you would like me to know?


    Are you ready/can you afford to invest in coaching?

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