The 1:1 program for advanced lovers

If you feel like you are not served by the mainstream understanding of sex, confined either to reproduxtive biology or porn, you are RIGHT.

Do you crave to explore the more magical aspects of sex, including energy, intention and surrender?

Do you want to discover tantric practices, ritual self pleasure, sex magic and full body orgasms?

Juicy Sex-Ed catered to your unique needs

Get the most advanced sex education available to badass, and sex-positive, adults.

You’ll get to explore every components of mind-blowing pleasure, fom creating safety to body exploration, breathwork for plasure, trauma release and energy work.
You’ll discover the hidden realms of sexuality and the inner workings of your own body.

Hands on approach

Some things you can’t really get from a book.
During sessions, you’ll be invited to try the techniques for yourself and be guided to get the most of it.

Don’t worry if you feel shy you can always turn on your webcam or try by yourself and come back with your questions.

The results you can expect

* Deep understanding of your body and pleaure

* More sensations in your body, hands, genital

*Embodied experience of sex and sexual energy

*Profound connection to your heart center, better intimacy


Yes I want to be a pleasure genius!

Let's get on the phone and see if we are a match!

1 on 1 Zoom sessions

This long-term program allows a deep dive in your pleasure blueprint to unlock your full orgasmic potential

Self paced exercises

Th work does not stop between sessions! You'll get pleasures practices do to on your own to deepen your mastery of the tools

email support

For accountability and to track your progresses. I'll be rooting for you every steps of the way.

Personalized reading list

Want to go even deeper and get familiar with the masters of tantric sex? I got you covered!

Queer friendly

We will explore several aspects of sexual energy and treat it as a spectrum.

Kink friendly

There is no one way to have fun. Whatever works for you, I'll be happy to consider your kinks in the session.

Kink inclusif

Il y a tant de façons de prendre du plaisir! Quel que soient tes kinks, ils ont leur place en session

Single payment

  • Lowest price
  • 1500€ total
  • Get a welcome gift

3 payments

  • Popular
  • 1575€ Total
  • Automatic payment

5 payments

  • The easiest
  • 1650€ total
  • Auto charge and billing